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  • Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Advantages
  • Cryptocurrency Gateway to Financial Freedom 

In today’s world, digitization has completely changed the method through which the exchange of goods is done. With the growth in technology, there has been a revolution in how we exchange goods. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are independent of any government and banks. Transactions are made directly in cryptocurrencies without any bank approving them. 

For the safety of transactions, cryptocurrency uses encryption, and all the transactions are stored through advanced coding in the database.   

Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency

Governments and financial institutions are still unsure about how cryptocurrency should be treated, as a currency or as a commodity. The launch of cryptocurrency provided the world with a new currency. This currency also introduced people to a new decentralized structure, where the decision-making power was scattered throughout the network. It was completely different from the traditional centralized structure being used, it also offered quick decision making, control, and promoted motivation.    

Cryptocurrency Advantages

  • Cryptocurrency offers 24*7*365 trading from anywhere. 
  • Low transaction cost.
  • No limits on buying and selling
  • Easily available to everyone
  • Complete financial freedom
  • Mechanism to generate wealth
  • Intangible asset

Cryptocurrency Gateway to Financial Freedom 

Cryptocurrency is not only offering its user’s payment options but is offering a lot more. 

Buying and Holding on

Cryptocurrency can prove to be a great investment mechanism. Since its launch, cryptocurrency has grown considerably and its prices have skyrocketed. In just over a decade the market capitalization of many cryptocurrencies has reached billions. For a new investor, it is advisable to purchase a small amount of cryptocurrency and hold on to it for a few months. 


It is the process of approving transactions and generating new currency. It is very profitable but requires resources and energy. 

Day Trading

Cryptocurrencies can be traded through exchanges but don’t require a broker. If a person has enough knowledge or expertise and trusts his guts, he can trade in cryptocurrency. 

Advantage to early-movers

Cryptocurrency is still in its early stages. If an investor, invests in a project in its early stages he is likely to get huge returns in the coming time.  


Airdrops are the marketing strategy implemented by projects to motivate users to try new services or products. In this strategy, free tokens are distributed to the people who try new services, even if they are not spending money.   


Some cryptocurrencies have implemented the concept of staking to verify transactions instead of mining. In staking the user is rewarded in crypto tokens for their share in securing the network. To stake, a user has to lock some tokens in their live wallet. More the number of tokens locked more is the reward.

Price forecasting

Price predictions are very essential in cryptocurrency trading. A user is rewarded with tokens if he predicts the exact price of the cryptocurrency. These token can then be used to trade for different currencies or could be redeemed. 

Disclaimer: The article should not be considered as any financial advice. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before investing.

Photo by – Tumisu on Pixabay