Bitcoin Capital (A Subsidiary of FiCAS) Lists Actively Managed Bitcoin and Ethereum ETP’s in Switzerland


“To counter the issue of volatility in the crypto market and to provide the investors with a less risky investment option with an exposure to the crypto market, Bitcoin Capital has launched two actively managed ETPs. These ETPs will invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively providing the investors of the European Union with a lucrative investment option in their portfolio.”

Bitcoin Capital, a subsidiary of a Switzerland based investment manager FiCAS today launched two actively managed Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). The move has been undertaken to offer the SIX Swiss Exchange, with an exposure of Crypto industry. According to the firm these products are developed in order to counter the price volatility of the crypto industry by actively managing these funds.

The funds are listed as 1FiCAS Active Bitcoin ETP and 1 FiCAS Active Ethereum ETP. These funds are available for investments to the private, institutional and professional investors in the European Union with an exception to Hungary. According to Bitcoin Capital, the investors will be able to invest in these products using their regular banks and brokers that they use for investing in bonds and other financial instruments. The move came in continuation of the FiCAS’s last year’s listing of actively managed crypto ETP that traded in various crypto assets.

According to the experts these types of products are on the rise and are driven by the increased awareness of the crypto industry among the investors. Also, the actively managed exchange traded products can help in tackling the issue of volatility that is feared by the investors in the crypto industry.

Disclaimer: The article should not be considered as any financial advice. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before investmenting.

Photo by – Executium on Unsplash