Starbucks CEO confirms that they will enter The Metaverse Business this year

Starbucks is about to enter the metaverse. The CEO didn’t reveal much, but regardless, he’ll be ready this year.
On April 4, the entrepreneur and the Billionaire CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, announced in an open forum that the company plans to enter the NFT activity before the end of 2022. this news has been confirmed by the company.
While Schultz didn’t provide an exact date when the company would transition to the NFT world, he assured it would be “before the end of this calendar year.
Before the end of 2022, Starbucks is entering the world of NFTs
During his speech, Schultz asked the audience how many had heard of NFT. He also asked how many of them had been investing in NFTs or involved in NFTs. Even though the room was practically silent, Schultz explained that the ecosystem was young and that Starbucks had the best tools and collections to enter this new ecosystem.
Schultz’s new appointment as CEO of the company could lead to an even more crypto Starbucks. It is important to note that other traditional companies are not only sponsoring NFT launches, but also creating new crypto experiences such as shops in the metaverse or collaborations with other crypto projects.