MetaMask grant permission to iPhone users to Buy Crypto with Apple Pay

The well-liked crypto wallet MetaMask has risen into the Apple ecosystem by launching an integration with the firm’s payments platform.

MetaMask announced a lot of updates for its mobile version 4.3.1, the most notable was the Apple Pay integration.
The drawback is that Apple does not directly support crypto payments through its own platform, so it has to be done via Wyre, which does support crypto and merges with Apple Pay.
Users can also buy crypto with debit or credit cards, removing the need to send Eth to the app in advance. Apple Pay users can deposit of maximum $400 daily into their wallet using their Visa or Mastercard AND THE Wyre API.

Credit Cards for Crypto
Additionally, MetaMask uses the Transak payments platform to allow users to buy crypto with their credit and debit cards. However, users have to complete their KYC process before using either platform.
Using MetaMask on layer-1 does also invites gas fees, however, even though the firm says it does not get profit from them, MetaMask also has its own fees, which is 0.875% of the transaction.
Further updates were in support of gasless transactions, which is when a private blockchain, or a project, pays for the gas on the user’s behalf.
On March 16, ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin announced that MetaMask starting its own token and DAO. There was very less information on the token, but long-term MetaMask users will be expecting an airdrop similar to Uniswap’s.