Popular Blockchain Network Host for Enterprise Blockchains


  • Blockchain on AWS
  • SAP Cloud Platform “BaaS” (Blockchain as a Service)
  • Microsoft Blockchain on Azure
  • IBM Blockchain Platform

If we don’t talk about the popular cryptocurrency market and consider blockchain technology alone, we will see that it has alone made huge progress in the last few years. Since 2018, the global revenue for blockchain technology has risen from $1.2billion to $6 billion approx. in 3 years and by the end of 2028, it is expected to reach $394.60 billion. 

Apart from being used as a digital payment network, Blockchain technology is widely adopted by Entrepreneurs for developing DApps (Decentralized Applications). 

Some of the most popular blockchain network hosts for enterprise blockchains are given below.

Blockchain on AWS

Blockchain on AWS utilizes the cloud capabilities of AWS. Some of the distinctive features of this platform are:

  • In Blockchain on AWS, ledgers are both centralized and decentralized. The ledger is managed by a central trusted authority and is then shared with others. In a decentralized ledger, there are members owning peer nodes on the network. Having a centralized and decentralized ledger offers key values like transparency, audit trails, and unchangeable records to its users. 
  • The database used is the “Amazon Quantum Ledger Database” (QLDB), which is owned by a central trusted authority, it is a fully managed database that offers transparency, immutability, and cryptographically verified transition log. 
  • It offers a fully managed blockchain service through its blockchain frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric or Fabric.    
  • Blockchain on AWS also allows its users to implement enterprise versions of Ethereum blockchain.
  • It offers blockchain templates, which help organizations to develop their blockchain network on the AWS platform. 

SAP Cloud Platform “BaaS” (Blockchain as a Service)

The key features of this blockchain platform are

  • Cloud capabilities of SAP are utilized, allowing businesses to save initial investment costs on cloud infrastructure. 
  • It is an open blockchain platform. 
  • Allows businesses to create new blockchain apps and also empowers them to extend their current apps.
  • Quorum is a blockchain framework and can be used to create quorum-based blockchain apps.
  • Blockchain networks can be created by businesses using the Fabric framework on the SAP cloud platform.

Microsoft Blockchain on Azure

It is a BaaS offering platform from Microsoft. The key features of this blockchain platform are

  • Allows businesses to easily test, develop and deploy blockchain apps without worrying about the security aspect. 
  • R3 Corda and Hyperledger Fabric deployment are supported.
  • Helps businesses in achieving scale, which is very significant in their context.
  • Pre-configured networks, modular and robust cloud infrastructure accelerates the development process.   

IBM Blockchain Platform

BaaS offering along with expertise on Hyperledger fabric is offered by this platform. The key features of this blockchain platform are

  • Businesses could start quickly as this platform streamlines the network setup.
  • It offers useful templates, developer tools, and governance tools.
  • Deployment of smart contracts and network scaling can be done easily through this platform. 
  • SDKs are offered for developing apps with Hyperledger Fabric.
  • It offers fast deployment tools and processes. 

Disclaimer: The article should not be considered as any financial advice. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before investing.

Photo by – xresch on Pixabay