Cardano’s Upcoming DEX Sundaeswap’s Testnet Launch Delayed


“The most anticipated launch of the month delayed: Cardano’s first Decentralized Exchange Sundaeswap in their tweet today said that there will be a delay in the launch of their Testnet due to a scoopers license renewal bug.”

A little setback for the Cardano’s community came today when the Sundaeswap, it’s upcoming Decentralized Exchange (DEX) delayed its Testnet launch till further notice due to a scooper license renewal bug. The Testnet was to be launched on the evening of Sunday, 5th December EST but was delayed.

Sundaeswap through its official twitter handle announced “Might have to rebrand to MondaeSwap. In all seriousness, we’ve found a bug with our scoopers renewing scooper licenses. We are cleaning that up, and as soon as it’s completed testnet will be live for use. Thank you for staying patient with us!”

The testnet launch would have allowed the users who have staked their ADA in the staking pools selected by Sundaeswap for their upcoming ISO and Sundae token airdrop, to get the first hand experience of the exchange and to provide feedback on how the Sundaeswap is working. The Sundaeswap team has requested the users to look at the DEX with fresh eyes and identify bugs if any.

Though it is uncertain when the bugs will be resolved and when the Testnet is live, the Cardano community is waiting patiently for long and are hoping to get the good news by tonight or by Monday (EST) itself.

Disclaimer: The article is just to provide information and shouldn’t be considered as any financial advice. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Photo by –  GO223BANQ1MAL on Pixabay